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How about a dozen dog collars?

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Running out of holiday gift ideas for the person who has everything? 
How about a dozen dog collars?

It’s OK if the person you’re buying for doesn’t have 12 dogs - or even one. The collars are actually for The Seeing Eye. We raise more than 400 puppies each year. That’s a lot of dog collars! Your gift today will support our mission of training the world’s best guide dogs and partnering them with people who are blind or visually impaired.

Your contribution – from $20 to $25,000 – can make a life-changing difference in someone’s life. A Seeing Eye® dog allows a blind person to travel independently and confidently, whether their destination is a college campus, a busy office, or the nearest supermarket.

So, as you check off your holiday ‘to-do’ list, consider a contribution to The Seeing Eye. You can be The Seeing Eye’s ‘guardian angel’ through one of 12 donations enabling us to secure items needed such as...

  1. $20 for five dog food bowls
  2. $30 for four booties for a dog
  3. $40 for five dog collars
  4. $90 to replace one pair of sturdy walking shoes for our instructors
  5. $100 for five grooming kits
  6. $200 for a two part dog harness
  7. $400 for dog leashes for an entire class
  8. $700 to cover veterinary care for one puppy for one year
  9. $1,000 to support one litter of puppies at the Breeding Station
  10. $2,500 to support two puppies for the year they are with volunteer puppy raisers
  11. $5,000 for dog related equipment for every student in one class
  12. $25,000 to cover the cost of room, board and roundtrip travel for one class of students


When making your online donation, if you choose the Make A Tribute Donation option, your loved one will be notified that a donation has been made in their honor.

Please give a generous gift today. Remember, your gift by December 31 is deductible from your 2011 taxes..

Thank you for the independence and dignity you provide to others through your giving to The Seeing Eye!

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