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By Sara Martino

Gloucester City News

Gloucester City Council approved a resolution to support the Southern New Jersey Transit’s plan for a passenger rail line through the City during its work session October 20.

The proposed new rail line from Camden to Glassboro along the existing Conrail right of way tracks would include a station in Gloucester City.

Per the resolution, this plan has been deemed consistent with New Jersey’s smart growth goals and intends to protect the environment by reducing emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

More importantly, the rail line will create opening for new jobs, reduce traffic and lend to the revitalization of Gloucester City, the resolution stated.

City officials and residents have had the opportunity to review the project, which is supported by the Governor’s office, Camden County and Gloucester County.

A steering committee will be created whose purpose is to recommend how best Gloucester City might benefit from the proposed rail system.

Potential impacts including safety, noise and transit village opportunities will continue to be discussed with the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), the sponsors of the passenger rail project.

The location of the train station, automobile parking plans, roadway crossing and public safety will among the issues that the committee will report back to the governing body.

Funding from the state of $500 million is already in place for the project.

 During the regular meeting October 27, City Council adopted two resolutions

The first one includes the designation of restrictive parking spaces for Essex Street (one) and Powell Street (one).

A special identification card from the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles will allow a person to park in the designated spaces. No others may be permitted to park. Proper signs will be erected regarding the designated spaces.

The Gloucester City Housing Rehabilitation Program has reviewed applications from two homeowners for repairs of their homes, and City Council approved a resolution determining that they are eligible.

  Funds for the program are received from the Regional Contribution Agreement (RCA) or from a Small Cities grant.

  Mayor William James said a pre-race meeting will be held to further discuss the Corporal Mark K. Ryan Run that will take place on Saturday, November 19, starting at Oh! Hara’s Pub on King Street.


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