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Breaking News: Domestic Violence Charges Filed against Camden County Freeholder
Elsie M. Perkins, of Gloucester City, Waitress at Gateway Diner and Brooklawn Diner

UPDATE: Regarding Domestic Violence Charges filed Against Freeholder Cappelli

At a press conference yesterday the Camden County Republican Party called for the resignation of Democrat Freeholder Director Lou Cappelli Jr. The Director, who is running for re-election, was charged in 2008 by Sea Isle police for allegedly slamming a door on his wife's arm "causing visible injury".   The Republicans said Cappelli was also accused by his wife of forgery, fraud and embezzlement of money from her. Because the Republicans  only received a one page arrest document from the Sea Isle police they filed an OPRA lawsuit against the department for allegedly withholding significant case papers.

Today (October 28, 2011) Freeholder Cappelli released a prepared statement explaining that both he and his wife agreed to drop charges. Included with his statement was the eight page transcript of the court hearing held  in Cape May County Court on July 25, 2008. Cappelli writes,

"It is unfortunate and inaccurate and misleading reports relating to my contentious divorce proceedings have become campaign fodder. In the summer of 2008, my estranged wife filed a disorderly persons complaint against me and I likewise filed a complaint against her with the Sea Isle City Police Department. The charges were dismissed in open court before Superior Court Judge Kryan Connor. No assault by me occurred.  My estranged wife testified under oath that “ it was my lashing out that caused the argument” and that she asked for a dismissal of the charges freely and voluntarily. At that time, I also dismissed my charges against her.

“Unfortunately, the divorce proceedings have continued and are continuing. I am certain that in those proceedings, the baseless allegations, (forgery, emblezzment) will likewise be dismissed.” 


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