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SWAMP WATCH » Norcross Tapes’ 10 Year Anniversary (AUDIO)

 In the end, the McGreeveys, the Corzines, they’re all going to be with me – not because they like me – but because they have no choice. - George Norcross, FBI Recording

 It was a mere ten years ago that the FBI tapes, secretly recorded by Palmyra councilman John Gural, were released. They paint a considerably unflattering portrait of South Jersey Machine Boss George Norcross. The threats, the cursing, the offering of rewards for compliance – not exactly a Frank Capra film, or at least not how one would end (Norcross was not prosecuted and in fact has become more powerful since). It seems apropos to take a look back and see some of these comments with the benefit of 10 years.

Audio Tape 1. norcrossgetnjampa

Audio Tape 2. norcrossgetnjampb

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