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Meandering w/ Mark Matthews: Spike TV's Repo Games in Brooklawn/Westville

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(cnbnews)Earlier this year, the producers of the infamous "Jersey Shore" came For matthews articles up with a new TV Show which has been running on Spike TV...   Repo Game.   They are in Camden County right now, and Meandering Mark caught up with them in Brooklawn and Westville today (Oct 1)

Repo Game is a product of today's economy... the hosts are actual repo-people who take back possession of cars where the owners stopped paying the banks.  The angle for the game show is, the show surprises you at your house and puts your car up on the tow truck.  If you agree to "play" by answering questions, you have a chance to earn your car back as the show will catch up your loans.  If you get the questions wrong, your car goes.

But as I found out, you can simply say NO, and the show will leave you with your car.  I had a brief discussion with one of the crew and they said "we really don't want the car.  Some other repo guy will be along soon enough to take it".

I saw them camped out this afternoon at the Westbrook Bowling Lanes in Brooklawn.  It was functioning as a staging area.  They have a list of potential cars and while some in the crew scout for potential "game players" with cars in the driveway, they core of the group hang out.

Timing worked out for me as I saw the crew at Westbrook, went home and grabbed my camera, and luckily arrived as they headed out.  A quick follow lead me to a home in Westville where the pictures tell the story.

A local resident told me she saw them earlier hanging out at the closed K-Mart, and a Facebook friend said they were in Somerdale earlier in the week.

A sad truth about today's economy, and entertaiment.

I also saw Congressman Andrews at the Gloucester City Day... I wonder if he saw the show's vehicles?

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