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Geneva A. Pinkham of Cherry Hill, formerly of Maine
Regina E. Feltman of Bellmawr




  • CHEER-The Haddon Township Branch of the Camden County Library system celebrated Images-12 its50th Anniversary in September. Established in 1921, Camden County Library System has locations in Bellmawr, Camden, Gloucester Township, Haddon Township, Merchantville, Winslow Township and Voorhees. 
  •   CHEER-Freedom Pier, King Street and the Delaware River officially opened on September 17. The original estimate to reconstruct the former Coast Guard pier was $3.8 million. But by using some innovative ideas the cost was reduced to $1 million. Another $570,000 was spent to build the 1200 foot promenade. Let's give credit to the James Administration for saving so much money on the reconstruction of the pier.  An although others have given up on this concept long ago, the mayor and his council continue to work on making the dream come true.
  • CHEER-The Rosa International Middle School in Cherry Hill, NJ recently received a National School of Distinction status from the Schools Fight Hunger program. Fewer than 2,000 schools nationwide earned this level of distinction in the 2010-2011 school year.


  • CHEER- As a result of seeking competitive bids the City of Gloucester City was able to reduce its cost for trash and recycling pickup. The 5-year contract with Central Jersey Waste and Recycling will save the city over $200,000 in the first year and over the five year life of the contract will save the city over $725,000. 


  • CHEER-NJ Governor Chris Christie gave an elequent speech, Real American Exceptionalism” at the Ronald Reagan Library on September 27. Seeing the Governor in the national limelight made you proud to be from New Jersey.


  • JEER-"Richard Petty want-a be drivers" who speed up and down East Thompson Avenue and Lane Avenue, Gloucester City NJ. Put the cell phone down and obey the speed limit. You are going to either kill yourself, or a pedestrian. There are a lot of neighborhood children in this area, let’s pray you change your driving habits before you kill one of these kids. 


  • JEER-CIT filed for bankruptcy protection in September as part of its plan to heal itself is wiping out the taxpayers' $2.33 billion stake in the company. CIT, which specializes in lending to small and midsize businesses, got bailout money last December, a vote of confidence from regulators and the Treasury that CIT could survive and use the money to boost lending. But by the summer, the company was flirting with bankruptcy.


  • JEER-Jersey Avenue in between 6th and 7th Street floods every time there is a heavy rain storm. This condition has existed for decades. What is amazing, this area has been chosen for the construction of a multi-million dollar Middle School. It makes one wonder why after all these years the flooding has never been corrected. Bet your bottom dollar if this large pond of water was in Haddonfield instead of Gloucester City this condition would not exist.                                                                                   
  • JEER-While the rest of American is going through the motions of hardship and struggle of the Great Recession, Washington’s elite residents are living a rather cushy life. Within the past few months, the unemployment rate has not significantly improved and cuts from the fiscal budget are putting thousands out of work. There is a glaring social distance between the policy-makers, pundits, and politicians seen in Washington DC and those who are still coping with the recession.
  • JEER-Following the recent rains and floods there were photos in several newspapers of livestock wading in sewage making much of lower South Jersey look like a Third World country. The reason is that there are many people still using private septic systems in Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland counties. The time has come for elected officials in all three counties to accelerate stalled plans to bring sewer service to these underserved areas.
  • JEER-To the City of Gloucester City Highway Department for the obvious mismanagement of funds and resources.  Believe it or not my fellow Gloucester City taxpayers, there were (4) city employees and (2) city trucks on-site to mow the grass on the little traffic island, at Nicholson Road and Yale Avenue. If that wasn’t bad enough, these 4 employees left the trash, debris and grass clippings on the street that surrounds the island. signed CBCrazy
  •  JEER-The community of Salem, in Salem County NJ, was listed as one of 9 cities in the United States to file for bankruptcy. Salem guaranteed bonds issued to finance an office building downtown. The city planned to pay for the bonds with revenues earned from leasing office space in the building. However, revenue fell short of what was projected when construction delays caused lease payments delays. “The project’s debt service reserve fund has been drawn down numerous times,” Moody’s reports. “Once the reserve fund has been exhausted, the city is obligated to pay debt service for the life of the bonds.”  How much is Salem carrying in bond debt? $10,098,000.


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