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TRENTON – Governor Chris Christie, Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, Assembly Republican Leader Alex DeCroce and Republican Legislators and candidates from across New Jersey called on Democrat legislators and candidates to declare whether they stand on the side of public employees and taxpayers or on the side of a few privileged judges. They also continued to repeat calls for a constitutional amendment that would ensure bipartisan pension reforms apply to every public employee.

“Republicans and Democrats worked incredibly hard to pass long overdue pension and health benefit reforms only to have one self serving judge create a special loophole,” said Governor Christie. “A half a million public employees are contributing more towards their health and pension benefits and judges should not be treated any differently.”


Judges in New Jersey already receive some of the most lavish benefits of any public employee in the State and they recoup their modest contribution to their pension within seven months of retiring.


"I support Governor Christie on the principle that the bipartisan pension reforms should apply equally to all public employees, and the Judiciary is no exception,” Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean said. “For the Judiciary to claim it should be treated differently when public employees are contributing their fair share is out of touch and self-interested."


Governor Christie added,"Which side are Democratic lawmakers and candidates on? New Jerseyans deserve to know whether they stand with public employees and taxpayers or the privileged 432."


Currently, Trenton Democrats have refused to say whether they believe the judiciary should abide by the same rules as nearly 500,000 other public employees or receive special considerations.


“The judges’ elitist attitude is an insult to every worker who pays for their own health and pension benefits. Reform is about sharing the sacrifice for a better future for taxpayers and public employees,” Assembly Republican Leader Alex DeCroce said. “Having separate classes of public workers not only creates an unfair system of ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ but waters down the tremendous savings reform already being delivered to taxpayers.”


With Election Day rapidly approaching, voters will remember that Republicans are standing up for fairness to all public employees and taxpayers, while Democrats are silent in tacit support of an unfair system.