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Most dogs enjoy a trip in the car. But, just how safe is Fido on that road trip? 

Your dog should be restrained each and every time he is in the car. Not only will this prevent injury to you (because we all know he really prefers to sit in your lap) but it will prevent him from becoming a projectile if you have to slam on the brakes! 

There are many good car harnesses on the market and most are reasonably priced. Ideally, Fido will be seated in the back seat and in a well-fitted safety harness. A smaller dog may be more comfortable in a raised seat made especially so that he can safely look out the window while restrained. Never allow your dog to hang out an open window while you are driving! It’s a distraction to other drivers, the dog may be tempted to jump out, and he will be subjected to all sorts of flying objects that can harm his eyes. 

Remember, safety first when it comes to your family and that includes both two-legged and four-legged members! 

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