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Philadelphia to Construct $1.2 Million Building to House Police and Mounted Patrol Unit's
America Gloria Lado of Brooklawn, age 87


By Bill Cleary


JEER-To Gloucester City for doing away with the Waste Management trash Images-12 company. Their employees were always friendly giving a wave and a smile, helping the elderly and disabled with taking the cans back and putting them next to the house. They are greatly missed. ~signed MS


CHEER-President Obama recently announced the withdrawal of all troops from Iraq. Let’s bring the troops home from Afghanistan as well. The undeclared War in Iraq actually began in 1991 when the United States and the Brits imposed economic sanctions against Iraq. In March 2003 the West invaded Iraq under the guise that its leaders were responsible in part for the attacks on the World Trade buildings and the Pentagon on September 11. 


JEER-Gloucester City states it has saved money by hiring a new trash company. If so why haven’t  taxes, water and sewer charges been reduced? Why does the City still charge residents an extra fee if they pay by credit or debit card? ~signed MS


CHEER-The City of Gloucester City passed a Pay to Play Reform ordinance on first reading on October 20. The second reading and public hearing will be on November 22. The new law will limit the maximum amount a professional business entity may give to each council candidate up to $300. Up to $500 to any Camden County Party committee or PAC. Additionally the total amount annually that can be contributed is limited to $2500. 


JEER-Sorry Bill but are the turkeys really the menace you and Joan describe? (see With all of problems, especially in Gloucester City and increasingly in Brooklawn this article reminds me of Republicans whining about the financial burden public television places on the federal budget. ~signed Sean McFeeley, Brooklawn


CHEER-The Bellmawr Eagles celebrated their 50 anniversary on October 15 at the Bellmawr Park Fire Hall. More than seven months of planning went into the massive celebration, and more than 300 people from their Purple Eagle’s past and present were in attendance. The founding members were Edward McDevitt and Harry William, both deceased.


JEER-Around the world people, the 99 per-centers, are protesting against big corporations with tent cities and marches. How much will the movement cost local governments? There is no doubt that people are upset with the situation of big money having control of the rules of the world. What isn't making headlines is the cost that the cities involved have to deal with because of the movement. Those costs are coming out of the pockets of the taxpayers- those 99 per-centers. 



CHEER-The Gloucester City Community Garden at the corner of Market and Atlantic Streets looks great. What was once an eyesore has been turned into an attractive welcome addition to the neighborhood. The residents who maintain and decorate it deserve mucho credit. 


JEER-The entrance to the Gloucester City Post Office has been in need of a fresh coat of paint for sometime. The paint on the overhang above the front door has peeled off exposing the bare metal. Certainly with all the trillions of dollars in stimulus money floating about, the U.S. government can afford to buy a couple of gallons of paint and fix this unsightly doorway. Show some community pride Uncle Sam! 


CHEER-About 55 million Social Security recipients will get their first increase in benefits next year since 2009 — a 3.6 percent raise or about $38 a month, but higher Medicare premiums could erase part of it. For some, higher Medicare Part B premiums could wipe out as much as a fourth of their raise from Social Security, according to projections by the trustees who oversee the programs.


CHEER-Gloucester City’s Gardening & Beautification Association decorated downtown Broadway this past month with corn stalks on utility poles held in place with big orange ribbons. These are a great addition to the City’s main highway.


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