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By Raymond Rolak

CLARKSTON--  All across the country ‘volleyball fever’ is erupting.  Maddie Lightfoot, who plays libero for the Clarkston High Madison-Lightfoot-Clarkston-H-S-NH-boundSchool girls volleyball team is hoping for lightning in a bottle.  With Districts starting in the Michigan High School Athletic Association this week, she is set to run with her mom’s experience.  In 1984 mom, Kristie, played on the Flint Kearsley Class ‘A’ Champs.  “That was a great bonding time and most of the team kept on playing,” said mother Kristie. 

Photo by Rolco Sports Network

That Kearsley team coached by Jo Lake, had a lot of depth with Janine Dickerson-Stark, Maureen Sheheen, and Dee Fisher.  Debby Miele, Jo Lake, Jill Lake and Karen Histed, also went on to some college volleyball pedigree. 

Maddie a defensive specialist, with a 3.7 GPA has already chosen to continue volleyball at New Hampshire.  “I fell in love with the campus during my sight visit,” said the team co-captain.  “It will be up to Stephanie Morani and I to lend some leadership, starting with the Districts, added the team sparkplug.  Veteran coach Kelly Averall had a Regional winner at Clarkston in 2009.  In a recent game against Novi, Lightfoot had 30 digs.  

New Hampshire coach Jill Hirschinger has reached into Michigan before, recruiting junior Jansan Falcusan from Plymouth Salem and sophomore Destiny Tolliver of Rochester Hills and Notre Dame Prep.  Maddie was showcased mostly from travel league play with Rochester Legacy during the summer.

EDITORS NOTE:  Raymond Rolak is a veteran and well traveled sports broadcaster.