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Gov.'s tough talk is

Letters-to-the-editor As a New Jersey resident and taxpayer, I am tired of Gov. Chris Christie’s disrespectful comments directed toward the Senate and Legislature. This state is facing high property taxes and other financial difficulties, job loss and high unemployment, displaced families due to Hurricane Irene, and a declining housing market. During times of hardship, such as these, people look for leadership to provide comfort and relief.

Yet, Gov. Christie seems to focus too much of his attention on bashing the Senate and Legislature with his constant immature, snide remarks.

Any mature, well-rounded adult fully understands the importance of team work even if others don’t share your point of view. It is in working together that much get accomplished.

Gov. Christie’s bullying tactics are counter-productive and his on-going negative rhetoric aimed at the Senate and Legislature proves that he is a defiant, uncooperative blabbermouth that could better serve the people of New Jersey by working with Trenton’s governing body in a fashion that would result in improving the resident’s quality of life.

Just imagine what solutions could be created if Gov. Christie stayed in the state and learned to put the people first before his political party.

Betty Ann Mitchell