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Posted on October 20, 2011

Gloucester County Undersheriff Joseph O’Leary gets both a salary and pension for the same job – a double-dip of $153,000 a year. 

In September 2006, O’Leary retired as Gloucester County undersheriff at age 49.  Four months later, he was rehired as undersheriff – the same position from which he retired.  However, O’Leary keeps getting retirement checks, now $67,000 a year, plus his $96,000 annual salary.

His boss, Sheriff Carmel M. Morina, is also doing the big double-dip.  Morian retired as Greenwich Twp. police chief at age 49 in December 2006 –one month before he took office as Gloucester County sheriff.  He rakes in $192,000 a year with a $63,000 pension on top of his $129,000 salary.

Morina also hired Undersheriff Glenn S. Hammell, who retired from Monroe Township in November 2006.  Hammell, 56, receives $151,000 a year – $97,000 in salary and $57,000 from his pension.

In all, Morina and the two undersheriffs collect $187,000 a year in state pension checks in addition to their current salaries.

New Jersey Watchdog’s investigation found 44 top county cops – 16 sheriffs and 28 undersheriffs from 20 counties – who are collecting $3.25 million a year in pensions, plus their county salaries.  For full details, click here and here.

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