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Philadelphia Police: Additional Charges in Tacony Kidnapping Cases

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Photos Released: Suspects Linda Ann Weston, Jean Mcintosh and Eddie Wright

October 28, 2011

The District Attorney’s Office has charged Linda Ann Weston, Eddie Wright and Jean McIntosh with Aggravated Assault, Kidnapping, Conspiracy, Unlawful Restraint, False Imprisonment, Simple Assault, and REAP.

These charges are in connection with the abuse of a 19 year old relative who was locked in a bathroom closet for at least two weeks in Philadelphia. The victim was only let out of the closet twice a day to eat and occasionally use the bathroom. When police discovered the victim she had several injuries including hand fractures, a healing tibia fracture, ecchymosis (bruising) to her left eye, and several hypertrophic scars across her body.

All three defendants were arraigned last night, bail for Linda Ann Weston and Eddie Wright was set for 2 million dollars, and Jean McIntosh’s bail was set for 1 million dollars. The next court date on these charges is November 15, 2011.



Linda Ann Weston


Jean Mcintosh


Eddie Wright