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GLOUCESTER CITY NJ-CNBNews Hunting and Fishing reporter Ziggy 'One-Shot' Zearfoss spotted a 8-point buck Monday morning around 8:30 AM in the area of the Thompson and Lane Avenue playground.


photo:This is what an 8-Point buck looks like...


“I was roving around Gloucester City looking for the local flock of turkeys when to my amazement I saw the buck eating some grass near the railroad tracks.  I grabbed my $1.99 throw away camera to take a picture, but it didn’t work. I should have more paid attention to the expiration date (use by Dec. 1999). Who knew? 


“Anyway I continued to watch the deer from a far. It had a huge rack. The buck paid no attention to the people that stopped to look at it. It acted like it was taking a stroll in the woods.


“I got out of my vehicle to see if I could get closer to it. Bad idea. I had forgotten that I used musk after shave this morning. Deer are looking for does this time of the year. When the buck got wind of my after shave it came running towards me. I got back inside of the car just in time.” 


‘One-Shot’ said that he went to buy a camera. When he got back to Barnard and Stites Avenues where he saw the buck last it was gone.


If anyone else did see the deer let us know. Also if anyone took a photo of it we would appreciate it if you would send it to [email protected] 


Deer seen roaming in Gloucester City is not new. People have reported seeing them walking in the woods behind the high school, Market Street and Rt. 130 on numerous occasions. They have also been seen in the school parking lot in the evening. And there have been some deer/car collisions on South Broadway near the City and Brooklawn borderline. 


State biologists will tell you the deer are being forced out of their natural habitat due to humans encroaching into their natural environment.  They get hungry and have to range further and further into the cities looking for food. 


The deer track shown in the photo was found on the path that leads to the P1060844Brooklawn trestle. It is believed that the deer swim up Little Timber Creek to Gloucester City from the Westville refinery on old Crown Point Road. 


Around noon today we received a report of a deer being hit on Route 42 North. Traffic was at a standstill as the animal was removed from the highway by the state police. 


 In South Jersey, deer mating season is typically the last three weeks of November according to the States Department of Environmental Protection. Officials are now warning drivers to be alert because the white tail deer can become unpredictable and are prone to dart in and out of traffic, especially at dawn and dusk. 


Contact with your car can cost thousands. Deer/vehicle collisions can also result in death for the driver or passengers in the car.  


Earlier in the month a Stockton College student died when the driver of the car he was in struck a deer and then several trees at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, authorities said.

Joseph Miller of Medford, was killed when the car in which he was a passenger crashed on the campus about 9:30 p.m. October 4, Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel said in a statement.





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