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Dear Resident:


                With the school year finally here the Gloucester City Police Department is asking everyone to please watch your speed and to stop for any pedestrians in the crosswalks.  There has been a rise in fatalities this year and it is extremely important to pay attention to your surroundings.  The safety of our children should be of the utmost concern.  Please pay attention to our school crossing guards who are out there in all kinds of weather to see that the children are crossed safely. Parents are asked to please teach your children to use the crosswalks at all times and to cross with the light not against it.  At the beginning of each school year we always get complaints about drivers not stopping for the school bus.  We will gladly give

out a ticket to anyone who refuses to stop for any school bus while picking up and dropping off of passengers.  We have recently assigned a court liaison officer to the court to monitor all violations and charges.  We have taken a much harder stance with any type of plea agreements and downgrades of charges and tickets.  Lieutenant Brian Morrell has been directed to see that these violations are prosecuted to the fullest extent possible by law, especially when it comes to safety violations and incidents that are related to the children at the bus stops and going to and from school.  My officers have been directed to be more aggressive with speeding violations throughout the city especially along the school routes. 


We have recently asked for and were approved for a 4 way stop sign at Lane and Thompson as well as Essex and Burlington.  With everyone’s cooperation we can make your child’s commute to school a safe one.  Pay attention to your surroundings, buckle up and drive safely!


I would like to personally thank Mrs. Theresa Graham who has been a fixture at Lane and Thompson Ave for her years of dedicated service.  Mrs. Graham recently retired from her position as a crossing guard and she was a pleasure to work with over the years.  She was there in all kinds of weather conditions and always had a smile and pleasant greeting for the children.  She will surely be missed. 


George Berglund

Chief of Police


Gloucester City Police Department

313 Monmouth St.

Gloucester City, NJ 08030

Office  856-456-0408

Fax        856-456-3682


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