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Helping Small Business is Smart Public Business -

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by 5th District Assembly Candidate Wil Levins

Our elected representatives must be advocates for New Jersey’s small businesses if we are to put the unemployed members of our talented workforce back on the job.  Small businesses employ the highest percentage of New Jersey’s private sector workers and pay some of the largest portions of state tax revenue.  Small businesses also create the majority of all new jobs.


Being advocates for small business doesn’t mean handing out government goodies - it means removing a number of the bureaucratic obstacles that make owning and operating a business more difficult.  Navigating local planning and zoning boards, County oversight committees and State regulatory agencies is extremely time consuming and expensive because of the hundreds - if not thousands - of rules, regulations, reviews, varying codes, fees and associated costs that small businesses must comply with just to function in New Jersey.  We have to make the process easier.


We must streamline government processes to eliminate unnecessarily prohibitive steps.  By removing inconsistent rules, redundant reviews and numerous fees that all drive up compliance costs, we will help small businesses get back to doing what they do best – supplying the public with innovative products, better services and new job opportunities. 


New and expanding businesses create new jobs which all benefit New Jersey’s government by providing additional sources of tax revenue.  More contributors into the treasury provide a larger pool of revenue for the State to pay its bills and fulfill its public obligations – without raising taxes


Helping Small Business is Smart Public Business.

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