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The Hill's 2011 50 Wealthiest Members of Congress - AUGUST 2011 CHEERS AND JEERS





KUDOS To those involved in the planning and building of the various 9-11 Memorials  here in the state of New Jersey and elsewhere. Many of those memorials will be Images-12 dedicated on Sunday, September 11. Ten years ago on 9-11-2001 the 19 terrorists were responsible for the deaths of 2,819 people.  


JEER-To the Gloucester City water tax and sewer office, charging 3 % if you pay your bill with a credit or bank card.  What is the city going to do next? ~signed M.S.


JEER-Walking around Gloucester City it is obvious what properties are rentals; the building is in need of  paint job, the grass is not cut, the weeds are overgrown, window curtains are torn or missing and the trash cans are laying outside of the property.  Here's a suggestion. Have City workers cut the grass and the City bill the owner on their tax bill.  ~signed Bill T.


CHEER-One of the police chiefs in this area has loss over 35 pounds recently. He attributes his new look to a daily walk around the community he serves and a new diet. Can you guess what police chief it is (from either Bellmawr, Brooklawn, Gloucester City or Mt. Ephraim)?


CHEER-Several of the GLoucester City Parks/Playground are looking sharp this summer specifically Martins Lake and the Nicholson Road playground. Applause to the Highway Department and the person (s) responsible for the new trash cans at Martin's Lake.


CHEER-Brooklawn American Legion Post 72 baseball team won the Mid Atlantic Tournament held in Boyertown PA last month earning one of the 8 spots in this year’s Legion World Series, in Shelby, NC. Although they were eliminated in that series by Las Vegas, Nevada their overall season record was 45-6. Quite an accomplishment. 



CHEER-The Bellmawr Purple Eagles are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year. A big round of applause for all those who have volunteered and contributed in making this organization such a success.


JEER- As members of Congress rush from one news conference to another to tell us why we have to cut the spending and raise the debt ceiling, they forget to mention they are driving around in high end SUV’s paid for by you, the taxpayer. This one perk can cost as much as $1,400 a month per vehicle to lease. Fox News 5 found 90 members of Congress using lease vehicles.


 JEER-Fourteen million people are out of work. And so President Obama, before taking another vacation, traveled the heartland in August to boost US jobs in a taxpayer-financed luxury bus the government had custom built -- in Canada. The $1.1 million vehicle, was one of two that the Quebec-based Prevost sold the government, according to the New York Post.


JEER-The D.C. elite spend much of their time in office campaigning to be re-elected while being paid by you the taxpayer to do a job in the Nations capital. From President on down, be they Democrat or Republican, there is no difference. Get rid of the career politician, the only way change will take effect.


CHEER-Seventeen members of the Bellmawr Branch Library ‘volunteens’ ranging in age from 12 to 17 raised over $450 from a book sale on August 13. The money will support teen programming at the Camden County Library System. 


CHEER- The Future Artists Now worked over the summer creating a banner “Gloucester City Expanding Our Horizons” that is hanging over the entrance of the Gloucester City Library, Hudson Street and the railroad. The group consists of students from Gloucester City High School. The organization was also responsible for making two statues recently that are on display in the Community Garden, Market and Atlantic Streets. 


 JEER-In August an official from the Clayton Little League was charged with stealing $22,000 from that organization and another suspect from Gloucester City was charged with stealing $12,000 from the local Swim Club. These people always end up getting caught. Yet that doesn’t seem to discourage the next person from trying it. When will they learn, ‘Crime Doesn’t Pay’.


JEER-The Pennsauken Township Committeemen have introduced an ordinance that severely restricts video and tape recording of public meetings. If the ordinance is approved a person interested in video tapping a meeting will have to obtain advance approval, must obtain approval to take a photo, must surrender the video tape to the municipal clerk for the purpose of duplication. The tape will be returned in 5 days. There are many more restrictions. The Pennsauken Democrats must think we are living in a Third World Country. What do these Committee people have to hide? 

JEER-Not to be out done by the Pennsauken Democrats, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned the clergy from speaking at the 9/11 ceremony next week.  Catholic League President Bill Donohue said the reason given for this grand act of censorship is spurious: "Bloomberg's office says the focus should be on the families who lost their loved ones. According to this logic, when the clergy are invited to speak at public events, or to open ceremonies with an invocation, they are detracting—not adding—to the overall theme. There is little doubt that if the families were asked about the propriety of allowing the clergy to speak, most would gladly say yes."

JEER-Police arrested 15 people after a fight over a Muslin headscarf broke out at the Rye Playland, just north of New York City last week. The incident occurred when women wearing traditional Muslim scarves called hijabs tried to get on rides that prohibit any head coverings for safety reasons which includes for example, baseball caps. Two park rangers who intervened were injured and were hospitalized. Some of the Muslims arrested claim they were injured by the police who they said overreacted.Lawsuits have been threaten. 


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