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Andrews Supports School Infrastructure Plan, Which Creates 6,700 Jobs in


Haddon Heights, NJ- Congressman Andrews announced his support for President Obama’s American Jobs Act that puts Americans back to work to get our economy growing again.  While we cannot solve our economic crisis overnight, both parties agree job that there are things we can do right now to start rebuilding the economy.  One idea highlighted in the President’s plan would create roughly 6,700 jobs in New Jersey, according to the White House, with $642.4 million in infrastructure investment to repair and improve NJ public elementary schools and community colleges.  

Rep. Andrews supports the school infrastructure improvements proposed by President Obama Hermann Electric Tower Ad because they will put people back to work immediately on projects that will result in cleaner, safer, and better schools.  Science and computer labs will be upgraded to meet the technological needs of the 21st century, harmful asbestos will be removed from schools, classrooms will be expanded, and facilities will be updated with more efficient and cost-cutting sources of energy - leaving more money to go towards educating students.  By improving our education system, we make our students more competitive and innovative, and ensure that the breakthroughs of tomorrow happen in America – creating jobs here rather than overseas. 

“Both parties agree that we need to do something to increase jobs to turn America’s economy back to prosperity,” said Rep. Andrews. “There’s nothing more important to Americans than jobs, and to sustain our job creation efforts over time, it is wise to invest in improvements in education.  This investment couples the jobs we need now with a healthier and more efficient environment for our students to get the education necessary for a successful future.  This is a two for one deal that is bipartisan and necessary, so let’s enact it.”

The President proposed $30 billion for school infrastructure improvements to modernize over 35,000 public schools and community colleges nationwide.  The $642.4 million New Jersey would receive under the President’s plan would be the 12th highest total among the 50 states.  As a member of the Committee on Education and the Workforce, Congressman Andrews will continue to champion legislation that strengthens the middle class.


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