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Westville Council Lauds Environmental Commission

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By Sara Martino

Gloucester City News

  At one time, Borough Council had discussed the dismantling of the Westville Environmental Commission.

  But, following many positive remarks about the need for the Commission, it still continues.

  During a recent environmental seminar on butterflies at Thomas West Park, the Commission was praised by many attendees for the information presented on the life cycle of the butterfly.

  Environmental Commission Chairperson Joyce Lovell said many other seminars and events will be planned, including special ones for children.

  A rain garden, a turtle bridge, the butterfly garden, and other improvements around the pond are a result of the Commission’s involvement, with the help of the Westville Public Works employees.

  Now, Westville Council is contemplating the dismantling of the Downtown Preservation Commission.

  During last week’s meeting, it was pointed out that the Commission members have not held a meeting for the last three or so years.

  Talk concerning the future re-development of some areas of the Borough may necessitate such a committee, and a suggestion was made to form a Land Use Board Sub-committee.

  Council amended two resolutions concerning the designation and the un-designation of certain lots within Block 31 in the Downtown Preservation area, within the Edgewater Avenue redevelopment area along Timber Creek.

  Property owned by Grabbe’s Seafood Restaurant will be excluded from the redevelopment area, as noted within the resolutions.

  A resolution was approved for the placement of 12 liens against certain properties for maintenance work by borough employees.

  Property owners are notified that there are issues such as tall grass, weeds and debris on the properties.

  If not removed or cleaned up, Borough employees do the work and the owners are responsible for the costs.

  Residents are to be aware that representatives of Appraisal Systems, Inc., will inspect borough properties in preparation for a new borough property assessment.

  In 2012, the Borough will join the County as part of a shared services agreement designating a Gloucester County Assessor Program instead of individual municipal assessors.

  Once the assessment is complete, a new tax rate will be struck.

  Borough officials said this will not necessarily mean a tax hike.