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By Bill Cleary

(CNBNEWS.NET)Touring Gloucester City Sunday around 10 AM looking for storm damage from Hurricane Irene. Starting at the former CG Base on King Street, stopping at Proprietors Park and taking a ride on Water Street and Charles Street.

P1060761 What we found was some fallen trees (photo, Martins Lake)and fallen tree branches along with local flooding. Two streets that always flood are Water and Charles Street. A van can be seen in this video stuck on Charles Street, and also in the photo below. These two streets border the proposed South Port Development area. Before any development can proceed in this area it is obvious that the infrastructure on these streets needs to be repaired. You would have thought by now after all these years that this work would have been the first thing completed.

As for the hurricane, Gloucester City Police Chief George Berglund said there were no problems except a couple people did get stuck when they drove their cars through a flooded street. He also said some trees did fall down because of the storm but no one got hurt. 

 "Gloucester City Marine Terminal, (Holt)  offered the police department the use of P1060758 a 21/2 ton army surplus vehicle for any emergencies. We did use the vehicle to help some people who were stuck in the middle of a flooded street. We also used the truck to help the Brooklawn Police Department with people who needed assistance after their cars got  stuck in the water around the flooded traffic circles." 

Berglund said the City and the Brooklawn Police Department appreciated the help from Mr. Holt.


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