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Verizon strike a lesson in economics | Nealz Nuze |

By Neal Boortz

Union workers for Verizon have been protesting for weeks.  You’ve read the Obamacare_screw_o_1_t188 stories and seen the videos of their antics throughout this strike: putting children in front of moving cars driven by “scabs” or staging a mock funeral outside a Verizon executive’s home.  Well you will be happy to know that they will be heading back to work on Tuesday, though without an agreement.  But in all of the shenanigans, we have lost sight of exactly why these people were protesting in the first place. 

Enter: ObamaCare.

Thanks to ObamaCare .. which these unions supported, by the way .. Verizon is looking at healthcare cost increases of as much as $200 million.  Why the increase in cost?  Because ObamaCare levies a 40% excise tax on Cadillac health plans, which have been negotiated by these unions.  What’s amazing is that Verizon warned about the consequences back in March 2010 when ObamaCare was passed.  Apparently these union employees must have thought they were kidding. 

Now here is where the unions fail to understand how taxes work.  You see .. Verizon isn’t going

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