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Tuesday with Adam Tragone

 As John Hayward points out in his post this afternoon, the Gunwalker saga continues to take more bizarre turns. Ken Melson, ATF’s acting director, is being moved out of his position at the ATF and reportedly being transferred over to the Department of Justice. Now, as we reported a few weeks ago, Melson was supposed to be the White House’s sacrificial lamb to protect the administration from any blame, however, Melson turned the tables on everyone and blew the whistle on Operation Fast and Furious.  He stated that there is a “smoking gun” indicating that there are political appointees in Obama’s DoJ who knew what was happening, and that the memo is being withheld from congress as part of a cover-up.

Shocking isn’t it?  Or perhaps not. This administration knows no bounds when it comes to protecting their Chicago-style politics. Human Events has been all over this issue, while the mainstream media sits idly by. Maybe now, with today’s developments, we will get to the bottom of this mess.

Stay with Human Events as more information comes out. — Adam Tragone 


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