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South Jersey Citizens Continue to Fight Gloucester Township Council

As the summer broils along we continue to fight the Gloucester Township ruling party for real reform and transparency. As of this date we are at 3/4 of our goal for petition signatures and are going before the council once again Monday 8/1/11 at the executive session to see if the council will show some courage and place the ordinance on the agenda for the next regular council meeting. Faced with hundreds of disgruntled voters lining up to sign the petition we hope they will see the light and vote their conscience. Mayor Dave Mayor who really has no place in this process, it is a legislative issue and the council President has jurisdiction, has gone on the attack in the Philadelphia Inquirer claiming that SJC has made this issue political and has backed a Republican candidate. Mr. Mayor those are lies and you know it.

The council made this political by refusing to place it on the agenda and forcing the citizens to use Initiative and Referendum provided in the Optional Municipal Charter Law. As for backing any political candidate, the mayor has no proof and has ignored requests for anything that could possibly be construed as an endorsement. The other problem is the Inquirer allowed that statement without seeking proof or reaction from SJC. 

A big thank you must go out to all of those who have been braving the 105 degree weather and collected signatures. It shows the dedication of the membership to the cause. SJC has been asked to assist in Pennsauken with their pay to play ban and we are eager to get down to business there. The battle for good government is ongoing and when you have single party rule that has been entrenched for decades it makes it all the more difficult. The dedication of the individual in the face of intimidation is how we will win this battle and eventually the war for good and transparent government in new Jersey. A recent Rasmussen poll indicated that 48% of these polled believed politicians to be corrupt and over 80% believe that politicians are more interested in furthering their careers than doing the business of the people. 

Petition collection continues and if you have a spare evening or day please send and email to Beth Holzman at to volunteer. We are close but we still need all the help we can get to push this over the top. 

As always thank you all for you continued support of the cause. 

Be well,

Tom Crone
Executive Director