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The politically powerful state AFL-CIO, a coalition of 40 unions, has voted not to endorse the 8 Democratic state senators and 14 Assembly members, and a lower house Republican, who sided with the GOP in June to hike the cost of health and pension benefits for 550,000 state and local public employees. The Democrats who have fallen from favor include Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney (D-Gloucester) and Sen. Donald Norcross (D-Camden), both union activists.

The vote not to endorse the so-called Christecrats came at the urging of leaders of the Communications Workers of America and AFSCME who vowed to cause trouble for the 22 Democrats’ re-election efforts after they sided with the Gov. Chris Christie and legislative Republicans to boost the benefits’ costs. Losing endorsement means those legislators are not likely receive campaign funds direct from the state AFL-CIO’s political fund and any campaign help from coordinated labor volunteers. Sweeney and Norcross built their political careers as labor activists. They stood together a Trenton hotel meeting room as the endorsement votes were cast on Thursday. But ...

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