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Letter: Courier Post only sees it one way

By GTGOP | August 19th, 2011 -  

As the debate on Camden Countywide Police moves on, the Courier Post has reported 6a00d8341bf7d953ef011570924c58970b-200wi favorably on the idea. The direction of the reporting should have been OP-ED pages, rather than actual news stories.


The Gloucester Township, and Camden County Republicans have both released their position against countywide police and those stories have been not seen in the Courier Post. There have been stories by Freeholders, Clergy, and Politicians in favor of this plan, but, the prepared press release by  Gloucester Township Republicans has been shuffled around the Courier Post newsroom with no print.

Camden County Republican press conference was covered by the TV media, and yet, no South Jersey Newspaper coverage.


With having had George Norcross as part of the Courier Post editorial board, has the South Jersey newspaper been affected by his “bully” type influence? Makes you wonder if Conner Strong is gearing up to propose healthcare coverage for the county police?


Courier Post and George Norcross….Perfect together.