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The Final Touches on the Brooklawn 9-11 Memorial; Highlights of Gloucester City Council Caucus Meeting


(cnbnews photo)Workers give the final touch to the Brooklawn 9-11 Monument/Memorial, South Hannevig and Maude Avenues. Dedication ceremonies will be held next month on September 11. Time to be announced.




BY Bill Cleary


BROOKLAWN 9-11 Memorial/Monument- A small crowd gathered at the Brooklawn Rds_news 9-11 Memorial, South Hannevig and  Maude Avenues on Wednesday, August 17th to witness the final touches on the memorial/monument. Present too were Brooklawn Police Chief Fran McKinney, Brooklawn Police Captain Steve Saymon and government representatives. The monument features a 8,438 lb steel beam from the World Trade Center rising 9’11” flanked on both sides by two stone columns holding the artifacts from the other two crash sites. Very few 9-11 memorial sites include artifacts from all 3 disasters. 


The beam Brooklawn is using was a gift from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. 



"We saw an outpouring of requests from towns and colleges and fire departments all across the

country and across the world," says Port Authority deputy executive director, Bill Baroni. So, the agency that built the Twin Towers decided to dole out 15,000 linear feet of steel that was removed from Ground Zero.


The Port Authority received about 1,500 requests. One thousand eighty three of those requests were approved by both the Port Authority and a judge at the Federal Court in Manhattan.


Saymon told, "To keep my composure, I'm trying to think about what good these artifacts will do rather than try and dwell on the past… on what I, and thousands of other Americans and rescue workers, New York residents and so forth had gone through," said the police captain , who responded to the World Trade Center on Sept. 11th. "It's time to reflect, time to remember, and time to move forward."



Saymon, who spearheaded the project in Brooklawn, wanted to build a structure where people could reflect and remember all three disasters in one place. There was no cost to the taxpayers as EP Henry donated the material and the labor for the project. The EP Henry employees who worked on the project included: Bob Fiore, Jim Gillin, Jermaine Pratt, Chris Woroniak and Uwe Klaus. Residents from the community along with local veterans also helped with the construction.


On September 11, 2011, Mayor Theresa Branella, council members and veterans from the Brooklawn American Legion Post 72 will conduct a memorial service in remembrance of the horrific attacks made on our country. The service will be conducted sometime between 12 noon and 2:30 pm. An exact start time  has yet to be determined. Because of the large crowd expected several streets will be blocked to traffic.


Several other towns in the state of New Jersey will be dedicating similar monuments in their communities. For example Gloucester Township and Cherry Hill Township have also built 9-11 Memorials using artifacts from the 9-11 tragedy. They too will be holding  dedication ceremonies on September 11.



Gloucester City Mayor and Council passed an ordinance at the August 18th caucus meeting that amends the salaries for members of the Steelworkers Union (Public Works employees). Salaries range from a high of $50,927 for a senior garage attendant step 9 to a low of $29,108 for a heavy laborer step 1.  Also passed was a resolution that amends the salaries for non -represented employees. The salaries, which are retroactive to January 1, 2011, range from a high of $102, 324 for the chief of police to a low of $31,826 for project assistant to governing body.  


Council okayed a resolution to adjust the accounts for the Chatham Square tenant (s) living in apartment E-72 and E-79.  The Camden County Small Claims Court awarded these individuals a total of $1878 and $2215 respectively. The tenants living at those apartments were evicted and now they can’t be found. The reason for the award is not known at this time. We are waiting for an explanation from City solicitor John Kearney. 


Council approved a resolution to purchase a new three broom street sweeper from Granturk Equipment, Bridgeport PA for the low price of $174, 704. The legal notice seeking the bids was advertised in the Courier Post newspaper. Why the notice didn’t appear in the Gloucester City News is not known. So much for shopping local.  



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