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UPDATE-Over a 100 Cats Removed from Gloucester City Home


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( Welsh, Gloucester City Animal Control Officer, explained on Wednesday,  August 17,  why no one in the press was contacted by the agencies involved with the removal of the 100 plus cats from a home on Railroad Avenue.
Welsh said, “Animal Planet produces a show about hoarding pets such as cats. They do it in a way to protect the privacy of the individual. When the show is finally televised it will be done as though this could have happened in ‘Any Where USA’. Gloucester City will not be mentioned. All the people that volunteered to help, and the agencies involved all signed papers that this would be kept private. “
Continuing she said, “The cats were taken to shelters in the state of New Jersey. Some rescue groups traveled two hours to get here. They will be put up for adoption. That is not say that someone from out of state can’t adopt one of the cats.
“The SPCA was not involved in the rescue of these animals, even though the truck in the photo had SPCA Police written on it. The truck was driven by people from the Humane Society who purchased the vehicle from the SPCA Police.”
For the record it was the Audubon animal rescue group Joa's ARC that contacted Animal Planet. That group also coordinated the rescue with the other organizations.




(CNBNEWS.NET)GLOUCESTER CITY NJ-Between 50 and 100 cats (above) were removed from a home in the unit block of Railroad Avenue today, Monday.  The process was supervised by representatives from the television show Animal Planet with the help of the AWA and the New Jersey SPCA. According to neighbors in the area this was the third time that a number of cats have been removed from the home in the past month. They estimated the first two times over 50 cats if not more were taken away.


Gloucester City Housing Officer Joseph Stecklair said that the television show Animal Planet was alerted about the problem by the area Humane Society or AWA. He said the show was paying for the removal of the animals, along with paying for any repairs to the damage that was caused by the cats urine to the inside of the home. He added that the Gloucester City Municipal Court is involved in the matter. As for how he learned about the problem, “I was notified by a neighbor who complained of the terrible smell. This is the second time we have been at this home. The cats were in good condition. The smell from the cat urine inside the house was sickening.”


Because there is no room for the cats in the immediate area they are being shipped to animal shelters in other states. A representative from the Animal Planet TV show who was at the site had promised to call to explain further about today’s event. He also promised to released the exact number of cats that were removed once they had finished catching all of them. As of this posting we have yet to hear from him.


A Google search for Animal Planet revealed information about a new show titled Help! I’m P1060685 Becoming a Cat Lady! that debuted July 30. There was a tv crew from Animal Planet outside the house interviewing Stecklair. Another show on Animal Planet is Confession: Animal Hoarding. Whether or not this event will be televised at a later date is not known at this time. photo-There were a number of staff from the Animal Welfare Association (AWA) and the New Jersey SPCA police on hand to remove the cats that were placed inside pet carriers, packed inside of vans and sent  temporary to local shelters. 

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