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Boat People filmers evaluate bike-lane shortage | South Philly Review

A Passyunk Square organization has given teenagers a voice 
in increasing the area’s bicycling opportunities.

By Joseph Myers

Experts in diligence, the Summer Youth Bicycle and Environmental Program participants used Monday to gather feedback on the area’s bicycling identity. Their documentary will include greetings from the learners in their native languages.

Photo by Greg Bezanis

Inanimate objects have enabled George Lam to alter his attitude toward Philadelphia. A resident of Seventh Street and Oregon Avenue, the 18-year-old had grown so tired of the area that a move after time at Drexel University seemed set. The last six weeks, however, have given the Central High School graduate a flair for fighting for his city, as he and nine other learners have participated in the Summer Youth Bicycle and Environmental Program at Boat People SOS, 600 Washington Ave. The bicycle he recently learned to pilot and film equipment have led Lam to become a social justice crusader bent on convincing authorities that South Philadelphia needs more bike lanes.

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