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Westville Council Discuss Borough Infrastructure Problems


By Sara Martino

Gloucester City News

  Westville will continue to look for developers interested in the rehabilitation and development of certain areas in the borough.

  But, to allay fears of the owners of Lots 16, 17 and 18, Block 31, their lots were deleted from inclusion in any future re-development.

  The owners of Grabbe’s Seafood Restaurant, who previously opposed the idea of eminent domain for the purposes of private gain, received notice as a result of a Westville Planning Board meeting that their property would be exempt.

  Also removed or revoked from the designated re-development area by the Planning Board were certain lots along Edgewater Avenue.

  Infrastructure problems in the Crown Point Road meeting chambers were discussed during the recent Westville Council meeting.

  The plan was to house the Police Department on that site.

  According to an architect’s plans, the renovations would be very costly to complete on the first and second floors, and to install an elevator for access to the second floor.

  Council members approved a resolution authorizing Borough Administrator William Bittner to sign an agreement of sale instead to purchase property at 165 Broadway.

  “I toured that building and can see the savings the purchase of that building would make over the cost of renovations here,” Councilman William Packer said.

  The purchase is listed as $500,000.

  “We are not buying that property yet. The purchase is contingent on certain conditions,” Borough Solicitor Timothy Scaffido said.

  The office and administrative offices could be moved to 165 Broadway, which formerly housed a graphics printing company, and perhaps the building at 1035 Broadway could be used for a community center once the move is complete, members said.