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LONG OVERDUE!-The Gloucester City governing body passed a resolution at the July 28 6a00d8341bf7d953ef011571114c5a970c-800wi council meeting that could change the City’s charter in two years if the question is approved by voters in the upcoming November election. 


The question to be placed on the ballot reads, “Should Common Council petition the State Legislature to amend the Charter of the City of Gloucester City to provide for the election to Common Council of three at-large-members and the election of one member each from the three City Wards?”


The state legislature would have to approve the move before it proceeds to the voters on the November ballot. Another study would need to be completed before residents would have a chance to vote on the final draft.


Under the present system a candidate/incumbent must live in one of the three Wards to run for election.  Each Ward has two representatives. The mayor will continue to run at large.  The last time a change was made in the City’s present form of government was 1968 or there about. Previously each ward was represented by three council members. 


POT COMPANY GIVES UP ON BELLMAWR-Compassionate Care Foundation Inc. gave up a tentative lease agreement for a Benigno Boulevard property in Bellmawr due to the state's delay in implementing a medical-marijuana program in New Jersey. The foundation and another nonprofit, Compassionate Sciences ATC Inc., now are seeking separate sites to grow and distribute medical marijuana in South Jersey. Both organizations  are focusing on potential sites in Burlington and Camden counties.

Compassionate Care could be selling medical marijuana to approved customers by December, if it can occupy a growing facility within the next few weeks, said William Thomas, president of the Mercer County-based organization. 

Andrei Bogolubov, spokes person for Compassionate Sciences, expects a nine month wait.

 Compassionate Care estimated it would serve 6,250 patients in its first year, 10,000 in its second and 11,250 in its third. The organization project revenue from marijuana sales of $15.1 million, growing to $73.5 million within two years.

WATERFOWL TAKE OVER HADDON LAKE PARK- YO BILL have you visited the Camden County park on Kings Highway in Mount Ephraim recently? We stopped last Sunday morning. What a mess the geese and ducks have made of the jogging track that surrounds the lake. You can’t walk a few steps without stepping in poo! It is sickening. I would even suggest it is a health hazard. The condition of the lake is even worst. There is no aeration to the water as a result the slime and goo from the bottom of the lake has surfaced to the top. If there was ever a prime breeding area for mosquitoes this would be the place. Who ever is in charge of maintaining the park is doing a lousy job. This was always a nice park. What happened?

Three days ago CNBNEWS reached out the Camden County Public Affairs office to ask that question. As of today we still are awaiting for a response.