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The Monday 7/11 Gloucester Township council meeting was the scene of Pay-to-play more debate over Pay to Play and the prevaricating by our elected leaders. No less than 4 citizens asked nicely and maybe not so nicely that this ordinance be placed on the agenda for a straight up or down vote. Council President Glen Bianchinni REFUSED to do this and stated that there was a process that must me followed. That "process" is Councilman Dan Hutchison having OF THE RECORD conversations with our Political Director in the parking lot following council meetings.

According to the President of the council in the second largest township in Camden County 2 people have ing a conversation in the municipal parking lot IS A COMMITTEE MEETING!!!! I guess after all these years of meeting at the Democrat Club or "losing" closed door meeting minutes it would make sense that a longtime GT democrat would believe this to be a valid and viable way to run a government.

Between the "secret money" issue, PACs and 527s now the argument of public worker unions contributing to candidates and controlling governing bodies is their new defense. I guess the NJEA's $7 million fighting the Christie agenda doesn't count as a public worker union involving itself in politics. It's time to take a stand and tell those who work for the people that the party is over and it's no longer acceptable to take money from people who want to do business with the government.

The end of the world is coming according to councilman Hutchison, ending P2P is BAD government. I swear that he said that. It's good government for our township leaders to have accepted over $150K in campaign donation this year alone from vendors. In the democrat bizzaro world I guess?

Petitions are being signed and we are getting the word out and people are very upset. if you want a petition or have a free evening to help gather signatures, please let us know atpetitions@SouthJerseyCitizens.org. 

Thank you for your continued support and involvement.

Tom Crone
Executive Director


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