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  On June 3 we had our 10th annual Ovarian Cancer fundraising trip to the Camden 6a00d8341bf7d953ef011570924c58970b-200wi Riversharks, and raised $2,600 to help fight this disease. Some 15,000 women will die from ovarian cancer this year.

  It amazes us how this event has grown – from 50 to 340 people. We have good fellowship and everyone seems to enjoy the event.

  There are so many people we want to give credit to, for without their help this event would not happen. 

  First we want to thank Albert Countryman of the Gloucester City News for running our advertisement and giving a door prize of a year subscription to the NEWS. Second, thanks to Holcomb Bus Company. A.J. and Pam were very helpful and generous, and Craig Reinhart, Coach Doc and Lou Underwood for donating their time. 

  Thank you to all of the following people and businesses: 

  Angela of Pepsi Bottling Company, Herr’s Food Company, Dot and Walt Heims for all their help, Westville Lions for the use of tables and coolers, Kellie of Troxie’s for a great job with the pizza, Delores Nordt, a special courageous lady.

  Also, thanks to Shirley Dillon, Mike Mazzafro, Bart Rettew, Westville Lions for their donations, McCann- Healey Funeral Home, Bob Nehrig, whose help we greatly appreciate, the sales people who sold the seats, John C. Clifford of the VFW.

  Also, Stephanie Welding, my daughter, who lost her amazing mom to ovarian cancer, and Tonya Sanderson, who also lost her mom to this disease. She got over 80 people to join us and amazes us with her energy and attitude. I am sure her mom is very proud of her, as are we.

  Also, thank you to Joan Everett. Words cannot express our thanks to Joan, who lost her sister to this cancer, and she gathered 126 people. She was very dedicated and determined. Joan, you have our greatest respect.

  Here is a list of the 100 people and businesses that donated. We must thank all of them:

  Whitman Diner, Oh! Hara’s Pub, O’Donnell’s, Black Horse Diner, Gateway Diner, Clancy’s Pub, Seven Star Diner, Oaklyn Manor, Club Diner, Carrabba’s, Merryfields, Schileens Pub, Colonial Diner, Coastline, Kaminskis, Ott’s Pub, Destephanos Deli, P.J. Whelihans, Taylor’s, and the Metro Diner.

  Also, Adelphia, Guiermos, Brunos, Bonefish, Applebees, Red Lobster, Geets, Max’s, Vitalles, Old County Buffet, Meadows Diner, Brooklawn Diner, Nunzios Bistro, Chop House, Italian Affair, Restaurant De Marline, Café Aldo Lamberti’s, Uno-Chicago Grill.

  Also, Bistro of Haddonfield, Philly Pretzel, Ponzios, Cheesecake Factory, Friendly’s, Troxies Pizza, Legacy Diner, River Winds, Stone Grill, Filomenas, Olive Garden, Philly Diner, T.G.I.Friday’s, Pisker’s Bakery, Dunkin’ Donuts, Gloucester City, Progresso Soup, Philadelphia Phillies, ShopRite, Acme, Bottom Dollar Food Store, Wildflowers, Bloomers, Pyglia Produce, Fox Auto Detail, Beth’s Beauty Salon, Gloucester City News, Spirit Shop, Rainbow Gym, Trim-Rite Meats, Westbrook Bowling, Brunswick Bowling, Meltocostee Hair Waxing.

  Also, Battleship New Jersey, Rexy’s, Longhorn Steak House, Mealey’s Furniture, Unique Image Photo, Camden Riversharks, Top Dog, Outback and Dinner with Bill Fox.

  Hopefully we did not forget anyone. Everyone who was a part of this event should feel proud of themselves, and you have our respect. What you all did is very important. God bless you and hopefully we will see you next year.

  We also want to remember the great efforts of Harry Fox, who died in April.

Bill Fox, Gloucester High Class of 1960



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