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LETTERS: Still Have Children’s Mass



The reason for this letter is to share my thoughts and feelings with my fellow parishioners.  I Drainco-2 did not realize the 9 a.m. mass on June 16 was the last mass for the children of St. Mary’s School.  I decided to go to mass that morning hoping to see Monsignor Curran to give him a few words of encouragement, instead this mass and his very eloquent and poignant homily was enlightening for me.

He spoke of life being a series of changes, times of happiness as well as sadness, beginnings and endings, his words to the children were gentle and kind, telling them to cry if they wanted to or laugh about all the happy memories.

My heart was breaking, looking at the children and their mother’s, as I was once a St. Mary’s School mom, as my mother before me and her mother before her.

The children processed from the school carrying banners and posters singing with great enthusiasm.  The music was out-standing; the children’s singing was phenomenal.  I thought it would be grand to have a children’s mass on Sunday, once in a while, so they can feel like they are still in our Parish family of St. Mary’s.

I will close with the words of the well chosen processional Hymn for this mass, “They’ll Know We Are Christians.”

(Anne Stiles, Gloucester City)


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