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Mayor Matthew Lyons Should Resign Immediately

Over a week after the June 22 New Jersey Supreme Court

 Committee ruling, why hasn’t Matthew Lyons resigned?


 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, GLOUCESTER COUNTY, NJ – (June 30, 2011)— More than a week after the June 22 issued New Jersey Supreme Court Professional Ethics Committee ruling that Matthew P. Lyons’ two taxpayer funded jobs was unethical, he has yet to step down as Mayor of Washington Township. The Committee found that Lyons positions as county attorney and township mayor posed such a substantial risk of conflict that holding both positions is prohibited. However, the mayor still has not formally resigned from office.


After the ruling, Lyons stated that he has “…no option but to relinquish office of mayor.”   Why won’t Mayor Lyons turn in his resignation now more than a week after the New Jersey Supreme Court Professional Ethics Committee decision?


“Mayor Lyons needs to step down, and he needs step down now,” commented Washington Township GOP Chairman Michael Pascetta. “It is not a question of being unethical next month, or next week. It is unethical right now and Lyons must resign effective immediately.”


Washington Township GOP Vice Chairwoman and past council member Agnes Gardner went on to note, “With every passing moment,  Mayor Lyons is jeopardizing not only his own law career by staying in an unethical position, but also the residents of Washington Township through his inability to serve in dual capacities.” 


“The mayor should also consider giving back 6 months of his Mayors salary, amounting to about $12,500 that he collected while holding conflicting taxpayer paid jobs. Perhaps he could put that money towards the 4th of July festivities at Washington Lake Park this weekend,” added Pascetta.


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