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By Bill Cleary


CHEER-John Gaudreau, from Salem NJ, who played three years of hockey for Gloucester Catholic HS, was picked up by Calgary in the fourth round. Gaudreau, a product of Team Images-12 Comcast, just 5 ft 6 inches and 137 pounds, led the USHL in scoring last season for Dubuque, Iowa. 


JEER-Wonder why Delaware River Port Authority continues to increase tolls. One reason is because it has the most expensive transit-police budget in the region. The DRPA has 134 law enforcement officers to patrol its four bridges and PATCO commuter rail facilities. The annual cost to DRPA toll payers: $17 million. DRPA patrol officers make between $45,989 and $64,417 a year. By comparison, the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, which operates seven toll and 13 nontoll bridges in a 140-mile stretch doesn't have its own force.


CHEER- NJ Governor Christie and State Senator Sweeney for working together on the public employees health care bill.


JEER-Why does the Borough of Brooklawn need seven police cars? Why do they need to have a Chief of Police along with a Police Captain? In my opinion Brooklawn PD has too many chiefs and not enough Indians! signed Anonymous


CHEER-Sister Nora Foley deserves a big round of applause for her 55 years of dedication to education. In 2004, she was nominated for the “Distinguished Principal” Award and she also received the Camden County Freedom Medal for 25 years of service to St. Mary’s Grammar School and parish. After leaving St. Mary’s school she worked as an instructional aide at Cold Springs School and officially retired from that position on June 16.

JEER-Brooklawn is being overrun by stray cats. If you complain you are told we can’t afford to hire a animal control person so in other words we are left to fend for ourselves. There has to be a better answer to this problem the cats are ruining my garden. signed Anonymous Two


JEER-The Camden County Freeholder Board for rushing the county wide police department plan before further discussion. The committee has met five times for a total of five hours to discuss this county-wide Police Department. Not nearly enough time to compile the necessary statistics and information, not to mention the groundwork required to form a Police Department of this size says the Camden County Police Chief’s Assn.

 CHEER-The Save St. Mary School committee in just a few weeks were able to raise $100,000.

JEER-The Diocese of Camden closed St. Mary Grammar school, Gloucester City this month. The school was founded 153 years ago. The Diocese did it in Camden City and now in Gloucester City, they are abandoning the inner-cities for suburbia. Sad! 

CHEER-The largest rooftop solar power plant in North America is being built at the Gloucester Marine Terminal, which is owned by the Holt family.  The 1.1 million-square-foot project is a privately funded $42 million venture. The system is expected to offset more than 9500 tons of carbon dioxide. In this heavily industrial South Jersey/Philly area it is satisfying to see a business trying to cut down on the air pollution that we have to breath day in and day out.

JEER-Another shooting in Gloucester City occurred on June 28. This is the second shooting in two months. Long time residents are wondering what is happening to their community.  Following the May shooting Police Chief George Berglund said, “It is not fair to both the city and our department because we have far more decent residents than bad. It is just a small handful causing our issues."  This can't continue. Neighborhoods have to come together. The public must get involved. Police can’t be everywhere. They need our eyes. See a problem no matter how small call 911. 

CHEER-The Holt family for the second year in a row has donated money to the City of Gloucester City so residents could have a fireworks display on July 4. Thank you! 

JEER-The Gloucester Township mayor and council refuses to grant the South Jersey Citizens request to pass a ‘Pay for Play’ ordinance for the township. Every local government should have such a law. Without it contractors who give the biggest donation to the Party in control ends up receiving special treatment.

CHEER-The Brooklawn Volunteer Fire Department celebrated its 100 anniversary in June. The fact that volunteers have been able to hold this department together for a century is a great accomplishment.

JEER-The Delaware River Port Authority has gone ahead with its plan to increase bridge tolls by a $1 beginning July 1. Over the years members of Authority have used the toll funds for pet projects unrelated to the operation of the bridges. Shame on them for making such a financial mess out of a system that should be self supporting.

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