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City of Trenton Approved Layoff Plan will be Implemented September 15

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City of Trenton submitted an amended layoff plan to the New Jersey Civil Service Commission on July 22, 2011. This layoff plan detailed the proposed layoffs of permanent City of Trenton employees. The effective date of layoff is September 16, 2011 while general and individual notices will be sent August 1, 2011. Total estimated savings from the layoff plan (including utilities) is $5,434,868.

The City of Trenton employs, roughly, 1,360 (City & Utilities) employees. Below is the detailed information as it relates to the layoff plan.

  1. A total of 108 uniformed employees will be laid off at an estimated savings of: $4,135,847.

    1. Reduction of 1 Police Captain, 8 Lieutenants, 20 Sergeants.

    2. Reduction of 79 police officers.

  2. Reduction of civilian workforce by 36 including 2 demotions, to realize a savings of


  3. Reduction of civilian workforce in Water Utility by 5 to realize a savings of $147,705.

  4. Reduction of civilian workforce in Sewer Utility by 1 to realize a savings of $17,593.

The savings in the first year are reduced due to unemployment costs and will be derived from: decreased salary, healthcare and other fringe benefit costs. In FY ‘13 when the city gets full year benefit and no unemployment costs the savings are estimated between $8 million to $10 million. The proposed City wide action would affect employees in seven (7) departments and agencies in the City of Trenton (Administration, Police, Health & Human Services, Public Works, Inspections, Recreation, Natural Resources, & Culture, and the Municipal Court.)

In January 2009, the City executed a layoff plan whereby 64 employees were laid off. In November 2010, the City executed another layoff plan whereby 85 employees were laid off and 39 were demoted. The City of Trenton is executing this layoff plan for reasons of economy and efficiency. The Administration presented a budget update to council on July 1, 2011 that reflected a $9.3 million shortfall for the FY 12 budget based on an anticipated reduction in State aid and increased costs for contractual salary increases, health benefits, pensions and debt service. 


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