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Camden County Continues Study on a County Wide Police Force; "Any Reports Contrary to that are Untrue", Lou

Vote Republican Nov 8th (CNBNEWS.NET)Camden County Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli Jr., said in a prepared statement today that the County is proceeding with their study for a Countywide Police Force.  Capelli said any news report that the County was "slowing" the process is untrue. "We are making good progress and are on track with our goals." His full statement is below.

"We want to alert all mayors, committee members, elected officials, other stakeholders and the rest of the local media, which has gotten this story right, that today’s story in The Philadelphia Inquirer alleging that the County was “slowing” the process of a countywide police force initiative is untrue.

"We are proceeding along the same path we carved out in January, at the beginning of this initiative. It is a multi-tracked path that is exploring and developing all areas of policing through an overall committee and several subcommittees which include mayors, elected officials and public safety officials and union officials, gathering data and making interim reports.

"Nothing about this has changed. The draft White Paper we posted online a month ago  laid out all the areas we are looking at. Further developing a plan for countywide special teams is one spoke on the wheel of this plan. It is not a substitute for the goal of forming a countywide police force. Developing any one aspect of the plan does not serve to slow down the process. It helps to define the process and make it clearer.

"Although The Inquirer reporter asserted that no municipalities have expressed any interest at all in such a countywide force, the facts are that some are very interested and all have expressed an abiding interest in pursuing the idea as an option. The Governor and state Attorney General have given their support. Financial considerations make it necessary for everyone to look at their costs and see which are sustainable and what structure can help them best serve residents with the highest standards in Public Safety.

"As always, The County continues to be the facilitator in what is and has always been a VOLUNTARY process.

"Below are the bullet points we sent to The Inquirer and The Courier-Post yesterday in response to their questions on a status update. They represent our real status and position. We wanted to share them directly with you so that facts, not misquotes, unsupported assertions and innuendo, inform our residents.

July 21, 2011

Progress on Camden County’s Countywide Police Initiative:

  • We continue to make great progress in exploring the countywide police initiative.
  • As a result of the July monthly meeting of the Countywide Police committee on Tuesday, July 19, we were able to look at, in some detail, the creation of some specific plans on countywide special services that we could present to mayors in September.
  • Special services the County will be offering include Detective, SWAT, Bomb Squad, K-9 and Special Events, Traffic, Parade and Crowd Control.  In addition, the County will utilize the Camden County Police Academy for Mandatory In-Service Police Training and provide joint Police Purchasing.
  • Special services in general have always been part of the scope of the exploration and study of a regional force, and that is reflected in the draft White Paper presented more than a month ago as a result of research and work by various subcommittees.
  • It is too early to predict how the structure will work.
  • We will continue to explore these options as we explore all options for implementing a countywide police force. We have always viewed it as a multi-track process.
  • The process continues.


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