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Brooklawn Water Tower Topic at Council Meeting


By Sara Martino

Gloucester City News

  Mayor Theresa Branella and Council members discussed the Brooklawn water tower project during last week’s meeting.

  Borough Clerk Barbara Lewis said the painting company thought the tower should be on-line by the end of June.

  Donna Domico, superintendent of Public Works, thought the completion of the painting may be closer to July 2.

  She brought up the idea of placing a temporary hydrant hose leading from Westville to Brooklawn once the water tank in Westville is shut down for paint and repairs.

  The temporary hose would be run over the Timber Creek Bridge between both boroughs. Further discussion will continue between Brooklawn and Westville.

  The governing body is still trying to prompt Conrail to improve the railroad crossing.

  Kei Engineers were authorized to prepare a bid package to be sent to the Department of Transportation (DOT) to prepare the elevation ahead of Conrail’s approval.

  Mayor Branella congratulated the Fire Department and the EMS squad upon their 100th anniversary celebration and thought it was a great event.

  “Kudos to all that had a part in the celebration,” she said.

  Earlier this month during a council work session, Police Captain Steve Saymon gave an overview of the plans for a 911 artifact to be placed at Memorial Park. He said the borough will receive a 16’ piece of steel, 20” wide and 12” deep.

  Saymon said the base for the artifact will be shaped like the Pentagon, with a flower garden and dirt from the Shanksville, PA, site, where a the brave pilots and crew and passengers went down during the 911 terrorist attacks.

  Cornell Steel, based in Westville, will bring it to the area and store the steel until the borough is ready for the placement.

  Saymon, American Legion representatives and Council agreed that the memorial should be placed to the left of the monument near Hannevig Avenue lining up with the Gazebo, Monument and the 911 Memorial.

  Saymon would like to have two plaques in the shape of the Twin Towers at the memorial area.

  Legion members Ron Villanova and Reverend Amey are members of the committee with Saymon.

  A motion was made to endorse the 911 Memorial with Captain Saymon as the project chairman. The committee is hoping to have the dedication on 9/11/11.



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