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Drainco-9 Haddon Heights, NJ – Last week, Congressman Andrews announced that the final phase of construction on the Pennsauken Transit Center had been approved and will begin in September – creating and sustaining hundreds of construction jobs in the region.  The $39 million project is funded entirely by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), a bill that Congressman Andrews strongly supported because it enabled local governments to address their infrastructure needs without overburdening taxpayers.  

This new center will make travel more convenient for passengers by directly connecting the River Line and Atlantic City Rail line. Currently underway, the first phase of the project improves River Line service and includes the construction of a 200-foot platform with a 60-foot canopy, the installation of infrastructure and the addition of a conduit for communications.  The first phase also features security upgrades, ticket machines, grading, drainage, lighting and public art.  The newly approved final phase focuses on the Atlantic City Rail Line and includes two 300-foot-long, high-level platforms with a 100-foot canopy on each, two sets of stairs, and two elevators to provide access for customers with disabilities.  The final phase also includes a 280-space parking lot, a bus drop-off/pick-up area, drainage improvements, a passenger communication system, restrooms, and resurfacing, curbing and lighting improvements to Derousse Avenue.

“At a point when America faces its biggest job crisis since the Great Depression, it is encouraging to see projects like this rail center provide real promise of recovery for South Jersey,” said Rep. Andrews. “Not only does this project sustain hundreds of construction jobs – but by establishing a new connection to Trenton, Atlantic City, Camden, Philadelphia and all the stops in between, it provides our local economies with the boost needed to stimulate growth, create jobs, and come out of this economic crisis stronger than ever.”

Congressman Andrews continues to support legislation like the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act that funds infrastructure improvements like the Pennsauken Transit Center, creating an immediate demand for jobs that will propel America out of this recession.  The Pennsauken station will be open for service in early 2013, and is expected to increase ridership for the Atlantic City line by 20 percent by 2015.

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