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By Bill Cleary



THE CARNIVAL IS COMING! The Gloucester City PBA #40 is sponsoring a Carnival from 6a00d8341bf7d953ef01156f3a3a4c970c-120wi Wednesday, June 29 through Saturday, July 2 at the Gloucester City High School, Route 130 and Market Street. Rides, games, food and fun. Midway by Lynam’s Amusements. As an added attraction several police officers have volunteered for the “Dunk Tank”.  Here is your chance to take your “best shot” and not be arrested. At the same time you will be supporting a worthy cause. 


 FOLLOWUP ON COURT CASE- Regarding the OPRA lawsuit filed against the City of Gloucester City, Gloucester City Housing Authority (GCHA) and the Gloucester City School Board earlier this year by John Schmidt and Mike Waters. CNBNews contacted attorney Walter Lauers who represented the two activists to see if the court awarded him his legal fees.  


We also asked Lauers about the April 12, counterclaim filed by the City and Acting Municipal Clerk Kathy against the Plaintiffs seeking a court declaration that “the actions of the plaintiffs constitute a substantial disruption under OPRA. According to the counterclaim, Schmidt and Walters "between January 1, 2011 and March 1, 2011 . . . filed a total of 154 [OPRA] requests" requiring Acting Clerk Jentsch to "spend close to 26 hours in responding." The counterclaim also alleges that "when it became apparent that the plaintiffs were undertaking a campaign of harassment via OPRA"


Lauers writes, “As you recall, the primary OPRA and OPMA issues were resolved through the Court's May 2, 2011 Order.


“As for attorneys' fees, the Court awarded fees against Gloucester City, but not against the Gloucester City Housing Authority.  The amount against the City was $5,946. Also, as you may recall, the GCHA made a motion for sanctions, which was denied.  Finally, I made a cross-motion for attorneys fees against the GCHA on its sanctions motion.  That was also denied.  The case against the GCHA has been dismissed by stipulation of the parties.  


“Regarding the counterclaims, I made a motion to dismiss the counterclaims and for attorneys fees.  Instead of formally opposing my motion (and thus attempting to defend their counterclaims), the City attempted to withdraw them.  Nonetheless, the Court granted my motion to dismiss the counterclaims with prejudice and held that Plaintiffs are the prevailing parties on the counterclaims entitled to an award of reasonable attorneys fees.  So, I've made a second application for reasonable attorneys fees against the City (for an amount that is in addition to what the City already owes me), which is returnable July 8, 2011.”


CRUEL CUTS by Stephen Schwartz- City Journal...Conservatives and libertarians often warn about the dangers of the nanny state. But San Francisco could be taking nannying to a new extreme. In May, the city’s department of elections certified a referendum for the November 5 ballot that would criminalize male circumcision. The measure, sponsored by so-called “intactivists,” would make circumcision of a male under 18 a misdemeanor punishable by a $1,000 fine and a jail sentence as long as one year. Exemptions in cases of “a clear, compelling, and immediate medical need” would be permissible. Religious exemptions for Jews and Muslims would not.

The referendum qualified for the ballot with only 7,743 signatures, or less than 1 percent of the inhabitants of the city and county. The rise of “intactivism” in San Francisco has run roughly parallel with a revival of nudism in the city. Naked people occasionally parade through the Castro district and unclothed bicyclists appear at AT&T Park, where parents and children wishing only to watch a baseball game become victims of exhibitionism. To read http://www.city-journal.org/2011/cjc0624ss.html


BOND ORDINANCES APPROVED-Gloucester City Mayor and Council recently passed two bond ordinances that total about $2.5 million. The $905k is for work on the Broadway Water Tank. It needs to be refurbished and painted. Also for repairs to the Chestnut Street pumping station. The $1.6 million is to be used for the repaving of several streets to be determined, a street sweeper, a bucket truck and a police vehicle, HVAC for Library and some work to fire headquarters. 


GOODBYE DAN, We Will Miss You-Our condolences to the family of Dan Watson who passed away over the weekend. Dan has been fighting esophagus cancer for the past two years. For a number of years he wrote a column for CNBNews, Fantasy Football. Even when he got sick he continued with his column. He was a big guy who loved to give people a bear hug when he met you. Dan had a warm smile that would light up a room. He is the husband of Dawn Watson, who writes a weekly column for CNBNews entitled Pet Tips along with a Just Saying column. Funeral arrangements are pending. 


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