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Students and schools hopeful, nervous about Choice program | courierpostonline.com

by Barbara S. Rothschild

Brooklawn Superintendent John Kellmayer agreed. Alice Costello School has been accepting Choice students since Brooklawn joined its pilot program 10 years ago. 

"Districts didn't really have time this year to prepare," he said. "Next year will be their learning curve, as they decide whether they are going to aggressively go out and recruit students."

Kellmayer, whose Choice students mostly come from neighboring Camden and Gloucester City, said the draw for Choice schools isn't more computers or a specific program, but something more basic.

"Most parents are looking for a safe and orderly environment. They want to know, "Can you teach my child to read?' "

In September, the state Legislature passed the Interdistrict Public School Choice Program Act of 2010. It updates and modifies the...

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