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Pet Tip of the Week: Helping One

 by Dawn Watson 

  6a00d8341bf7d953ef014e890d2b1b970d-500wi   ( I once fostered a Shih-Tzu that bit me, repeatedly. His owner was an elderly lady that had been taken to a hospital and was temporarily unable to care for him. I was able to call her and she thanked me for taking care of Tiger until she could return to her home. 

   Unfortunately, she was moved from the hospital into a nursing home and Tiger became “mine” by default. I officially adopted him and eventually, he settled down and became a great companion. 

   Sometimes, a responsible pet owner will fall upon hard times and will temporarily be unable to care for a beloved pet. With the economy showing no mercy to the majority of Americans, we may be called upon to help. In the event that this situation happens it’s best to write up a simple “contract”, making your terms of care clear. For example, if you are willing to take care of a friend’s pet, writing, “I will take care of this pet for a period of two weeks. After that time I will return the pet to its owner,” or something of that nature, will help you in the event that the owner decides to make the situation permanent.   

   Perhaps a friend or neighbor owns a pet you have admired for a long time. He or she suddenly becomes unable to take care of the pet and ‘gives’ the pet to you. After 2 or 3 wonderful weeks, the owner wants you to return the pet. Under these circumstances a contract or release outlining the terms of adoption is essential. 

   Next week’s topic will be your choice so send me an email with a topic you’d like to discuss! . As always Cleary’s notebook encourages dialogue so your comments are welcome! 

Wado, udohiyu, (thank you very much, in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson

Brother of the Wolf, LLC

700 Market St, Gloucester City NJ 08030