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Pet Tip of the Week--Should Your Dog Be Out In Public?-

 By Dawn Watson

Summer (CNBNEWS.NET)-It seems that everywhere you look, folks are taking their dogs to public events—baseball games, festivals, parties, etc. Sometimes the dog is the object of admiration. Other times you kind of wish the owners had left Fido at home because of his impolite behavior.

Dogs need to be taught acceptable behavior before they attend public functions. Just because you love your dog, don’t think his jumping, barking, and other “cute” behaviors will be tolerated by the masses!

If Fido has not been taught basic manners, chances are he’s not only going to be a nuisance to others, he won’t enjoy himself, either! Dogs are very sensitive to the facial expressions and body language of humans and Fido will know in a minute that he’s annoying people. He won’t know why no one will pet him but he will be unhappy, just the same.

Teach your dog some of the basics and he’ll be a real party animal at his next event!

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Wado, udohiyu, (thank you very much, in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson

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