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Party boss, hospital & insurance exec, and now activist: George Norcross goes all in on ed reform | Strictly Politics


We in Camden County have long been aware of the pervasive patronage that exists between the South Jersey Democrat Machine and their political benefactor, George Norcross III,” said GOP Senate Assembly candidate Wil Levins, when I asked him to comment on the NJEA ad attacking Norcross.

“Whether or not individuals support unions, the undeniable defense of rights, specified here with collective bargaining rights, must be upheld.  Any mechanism of government that denies individuals their rights, both personal and economic, must be confronted.”

And on the countywide police and fire consolidation plan backed by Camden County Democrats and Gov. Chris Christie: “(The) plan has all the trappings of a public sleight-of-hand, policemen’s union busting, consolidating political power and another taxpayer bail-out of Camden City.

“I am proud of our county’s police chiefs for standing up against the Freeholder Board’s attempt to hastily force a poorly designed and ineffective countywide police service plan on the people of Camden County.”

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