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NJEA President Barbara Keshishian issued the following statement in response to the statement from George Norcross on Wednesday evening:

“George Norcross (photo) and his supporters want the public to believe that NJEA’s Norcross television ad about his role as a major insurance broker in New Jersey is linked to his recent statements about education reform issues in New Jersey’s urban schools. That is absolutely untrue.

“Mr. Norcross’s role as an insurance broker – and the relationship he has to Sen. Steve Sweeney, who is attempting to change how New Jersey’s school employees receive and pay for health benefits – has been in the news for several months. It was highlighted in a New York Times article in April, long before his recent public foray into educational issues.

“Insurance broker George Norcross is trying to distract people from the kinds of questions being raised by many outside of NJEA, including some Republican supporters of health benefit reform, according to a new Asbury Park Press article. But real questions remain to be answered: what is the connection between George Norcross and the proposed health benefit legislation?

“Mr. Norcross’s positions on the privatization of public education are well known. But they are not the issue right now. The only issue is whether any legislation that is passed will put the interests of taxpayers ahead of the interests of insurance brokers. So far, the proposed legislation fails to do so.”

DOCUMENTATION: NJEA is not the only one asking questions about the Sweeney-Norcross connection and its relation to health insurance reform proposals. The Philadelphia Inquirer highlighted it in an article back on March 21. The New York Times ran an investigative story in April. And the Asbury Park Press ran a story yesterday asking whether the current proposal might also benefit Norcross. They are not concerned with Norcross’ positions on school privatization, and that is not NJEA’s reason for highlighting this issue either.

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