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Mount Ephraim Resident Praises Public Works Dept.

By Leigh Anne Hubbs

Gloucester City News

  Mount Ephraim Borough received a gracious letter from a 2nd Avenue resident thanking Supervisor Ken Jones and an employee of the Public Works Department for their assistance.

  The letter was read, and praised, during the recent Board of Commissioners meeting.

  Last month a large tree limb had broken away from a tree on the resident’s property, yet remained dangerously suspended by other branches.   It was unknown as to when the limb might fall.

  The homeowner, Carl Ingram, contacted the Public Works Department regarding the limb.

  Ken Jones and an employee left their lunch break to take a look at the tree and then called the borough’s tree service to have the loose limb removed.

  Mr. Jones and the employee later returned to see the process of the limb removal through.

  In other business, the “no left turn” ordinance is now in effect for the intersection of 4th Avenue and the Black Horse Pike.

  Police Chief Edward Dob-leman said this will help to reduce the number of accidents at this intersection across from Wawa.

  The Police Department reported 447 calls in May and 21 adult arrests, including five for possession of CDS, two simple assaults, and two for DUI.

  There were two juvenile arrests as well, one for possession of a weapon and another for possession of stolen property.

  The Fire Department responded to five motor vehicle accidents, four calls for mutual aid, one dwelling, vehicle and brush fire.

  Commissioner Bruce Greenwald said the Public Works Department responded to five sewer calls, cleaned up Shining Star Park for school pictures, hung the American flags along Kings Highway, and continues to fill potholes around the borough.

  During the public forum, a resident who lives near Jersey Girls said that employees carry on in the parking lot after their shifts that end in the early morning hours waking up neighbors. Dobleman said that he will have his officers keep an eye on the noise level.

  The Fourth of July Parade will be on July 4th at noon.

  Mayor Joseph Wolk and Commissioners Andrew Gilmore and Greenwald wish everyone a safe Fourth of July.

  The next Commissioners’ meeting will be Thursday, July 7, at 8 p.m. in Borough Hall.