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Just Sayin': Look Where You're Going -

( Nobody looks where he’s going, anymore. Boy_wakjs

Have you noticed that lately, folks are walking down the street, bumping into things because they’re looking at their cell phones? Just yesterday a young lady, dressed in the traditional uniform of American women from ages 13-30, and weighing up to and including 250 pounds: a white, transparent wife-beater, denim short-shorts, and flip-flops, walked into a mailbox so hard that she was later fined for breaking the “no packages over 12 ounces” rule. Although unhurt, she will carry an impression of a frightened eagle on her stomach for the rest of her life. 

Not only do people walk while they text, call, and email, now they do it with plugs in their ears as they listen to their favorite music. It’s as if the sounds of the world are too much to bear, and the sights are more boring than little words on a screen. 

I have to admit that I too, have one of the fancier cell phones, one with all the bells and whistles. Since I have problems putting one foot in front of the other without ‘virtual’ interference, I leave the communications to the times I’m sitting in my car or living room, thereby lessening the chance of denting a jeep with my “fluffy” body. 

And then there’s the guy that knows his cell phone conversation should be private but insists on shouting, laughing, and cursing at the top of his lungs while those around him cringe. Makes you wish he would walk into a pole, just so he’d shut up. 

At the risk of sounding like a middle-aged lady, which I will be providing I live to be 120 years old, I’d like to point out that things were simpler when I was a kid. You weren’t expected to be “in touch” unless you were at home, it wasn’t lunch or supper time, and no one else was using the phone. Personally, it was way easier to hide my whereabouts from my mother because she couldn’t track me, email me, text me, or otherwise yell at me if I sneaked out without her approval or knowledge. 

Maybe there should be some kind of test to identify people that aren’t good at walking and using electronic devices. If they fail they have to wear an arm band or something, so folks can step around them if they continue to multi task, or move objects out of their way so they don’t get clobbered walking down Morris Street. 

Anyway, it’s a good idea to look where you’re going, listen out of both ears, and pay attention, just like it was years ago, when that was the only way life was lived.  

 Just sayin’,

 Dawn Watson