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NJDEP's Division of Fish & Wildlife's Bureau of Marine Fisheries biologists conduct several surveys each year to study the status of species populations in the Delaware Estuary. One of these surveys is the Delaware Bay Finfish Trawl Survey. 

The data collected in these surveys allow biologists to develop abundance estimates and length frequencies of estuarine dependent finfish. The data are necessary for predicting future fishery trends and harvest potential. 

Over the years a total of 83 different species have been identified with the five most abundant being bay anchovy, Atlantic croaker, weakfish, blue crab and Atlantic herring. For more information on the 2010 survey, including the catch history and data on the most common species captured, see on the division's website.

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife conducted a survey in 2010 to gather information on bow hunter activity following new crossbow and Sunday hunting regulations.  The high response rate (almost 50%) indicated a very strong interest in this subject.

For a summary of the survey results, as well as a link to the complete survey analysis, visit on the division's website.


Vol. 18, No. 26      06/24/11


Both chambers of the Wisconsin state legislature have voted to approve one of the nation's strongest Right-to-Carry bills, by solid bipartisan margins. Senate Bill 93, which was strongly backed by NRA, now go

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es to Governor Scott Walker (R) for his expected signature.  When signed, it will leave Illinois as the only state that provides no way for citizens to carry concealed firearms for self-protection outside their homes or places of business.

"For more than a decade, NRA has fought for Right-to-Carry in Wisconsin. That perseverance and determination has paid off.  Now, Wisconsinites are one step closer to being able to defend themselves outside their homes," said NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox.  "Thanks to the actions of a bipartisan majority of state legislators, honest people who choose to get a permit will be less vulnerable to criminal attacks outside their homes.  NRA is grateful for the unwavering leadership of Senators Pam Galloway, Rich Zipperer and Neal Kedzie, Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder and Representative Jeffrey Mursau who fought for the passage of Right-to-Carry in Wisconsin."

GIVING UP THE HELMKE -- Brady President to Step Down:  Back in 2006, we reported that "transition" seemed like a good word to describe the Brady Campaign's trials and tribulations over the years.  Based upon focus group polls, the group changed its moniker from Handgun Control, Inc., to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, but that change in semantics didn't achieve the desired results.  The group then hired former Maryland Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Barnes as its President, which again turned out to be a big flop, as during Barnes' tenure, the group suffered a series of legislative and political losses.  The group then tried to "right the ship" and appear "mainstream" by hiring former Ft. Wayne, Ind. mayor, Paul Helmke -- a Republican -- as its new president (though at the time of Helmke's hiring, it was reported that 93 percent of the Brady campaign's previous donations to political candidates went to Democrats).

FAST AND FURIOUS UPDATE:  Congressional hearings on BATFE's Fast and Furious program paused last week, after revealing how straw purchasers were allowed to buy up to 2,500 guns for Mexican drug cartels and walk away freely, over the objections of BATFE agents in the field. The pause may be brief, however. A spokesman for Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which conducted the hearings, said early this week that "The investigations are far from over."

OUTRAGE OF THE WEEK --  "Impartial" Journalist Turns Activist:  A recent article by Chad D. Baus featured on the Buckeye Firearms Association website examined the biased, unethical, and unprofessional practice of "advocacy journalism" as it relates to the gun debate.  Bias in the media -- especially when it concerns the Second Amendment and "gun control" -- is certainly not a new concept, but the article describes one of the most blatant cases we've seen to date.

URGE YOUR U.S. SENATOR TO SIGN SEN. MORAN'S LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT OPPOSING THE UN ARMS TRADE TREATY:  NRA will be in full attendance at the UN's Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) "Preparatory Committee" meeting in New York, July 11-15.  The so-called "Prep. Com." will be laying the ground work for a final negotiation session in 2012.  NRA's message will be simple and strong – an ATT which in any way, shape or form affects the constitutional rights of American gun owners is simply unacceptable.  Civilian firearms must not be within the scope of an ATT.  There will be no compromise on this crucial point.

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