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  The annual Student Government Day in Bellmawr finished with the young people opening last week’s Bellmawr Council meeting.

  Following a daylong tour of local and county offices, the young panel opened the meeting by passing a resolution drafted by them earlier in the day.

  Councilmen John Bollinger and Lou Di Angelo then presented proclamations to each of them, from both Mayor and Council, along with the N.J. State Assembly. Assemblyman Gilbert “Whip” Wilson (D-5) was on hand for the presentations.

  Di Angelo thanked the children for a wonderful day, adding they did a great job. The student panel then looked on, as their adult counterparts took over.

  Mayor Frank Filipek said Camden County is set to repair West Browning Road, from the 7 Eleven store (by Creek Road), all the way to Borough Hall (East Browning Road).

  Then, the Mayor and Council congratulated their “student shadows.”

  Plaques were then issued to the five Bellmawr Police officers who recently retired by John Bollinger, along with “Police Chief” Emily Gillis, and Chief Bill Walsh also assisted.

  Walsh said the officers (Jim Kenney, Dan Moody, Gordon Muller, Rocco Romano and Bob Swanson) leave with a combined law enforcement experience of over 150 years.

  The Mayor commented on two Borough employees who will be retiring on June 1 -- Dave Weitzel, who began with the Borough in 1994, and Anna C. “Nancy” Mc Nally, who leaves after her beginning in 1995.

  Mr. Weitzel has spent many a Christmas in the Park, among other holiday functions, as Santa Claus, and Mrs. Mc Nally worked in the Borough offices.

  Bollinger remarked on a fatal fire, which occurred at Bellmawr Manor Apartments earlier in the week.

  It was reported that the male tenant, who was on oxygen, may have been smoking at the time of the incident. According to fire officials, there were no working smoke detectors in the unit.

  Councilman Dave Duncan said that the rabies clinic held earlier in May went well, adding the overall numbers of animals brought in was off from prior year’s events.

  Councilman Steve Sauter said the Borough will be able to hold local taxes flat this year, but did not have figures for any County taxes.

  He added that there will also be no cuts in Borough staff, or any municipal services, either.

  Filipek said they retained the summer children’s activity and work programs as well.

  During the public forum, Kennedy Boulevard resident Marge Johnston had several questions, seeking updates on her concerns from prior meeting visits.

  The Mayor, in response to her query regarding the ongoing waterfront project, informed her that the state would be starting part of their “missing moves” undertaking, sometime in January of 2012, adding the work will involve the former landfill site on Creek Road.

  All business on the evening’s agenda was approved, with the following of note:

  Ordinance #04:06-11, for the reconstruction of Chalmers Avenue and Hampton Place. Some $370,500 was appropriated, along with $351,900 for its financing.

  Di Angelo said the Borough received funding for the project through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant.

  Ordinance #04:07-11, for various Borough water system repairs and replacements, $50,000 was appropriated for its financing.

  Ordinance #05:09-11 was introduced in title only, for the acquisition of a new trash truck and snow plow. Some $90,000 will be appropriated, and $85,000 for its financing.

  Ordinance #05:10-11, introduced in title only, for a Borough salary ordinance.

  Resolution #05:121-11, which will create a consortium of municipalities (Audubon, Barrington, Bellmawr, Brooklawn, Gloucester City, Lawnside, Mt. Ephraim, Oaklyn and Runnemede), who will seek a bid for solid waste disposal.

  Filipek said the measure would cut down on Bellmawr’s cost.

  The following children participated in the 2011 Student Government Day:

  Derek Cano, Mayor; Rachel Andrews, Chief Financial Officer; Jade Dagenais, Director of Recreation; Ryan Daley, Municipal Court Administrator; Aubrey Draham, Borough Treasurer; Jack Fullerton, Highway Superintendent; Emily Gillis, Chief of Police; Jake Gillis, Sewer Superintendent; Umer Khan, Water Superintendent; Allison Mac Lean, Tax Collector; Kelsey Mc Leish, Borough Clerk; Michael Mc Guigan, Director of Buildings and Lands; Alyssa Pirolli, Director of Public Safety; Elizabeth Pirolli, Director of Health and Education; Stephen Slimm, Tax Assessor; Adriana Spiritoso, Construction Official; Kori Warren, Borough Solicitor; and Gabrielle Zehner, Recreation Superintendent.

  For questions or for information, contact Borough Hall at (856) 933-1313, or at