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Levins for Assembly: Applying Practical Term Limits


Wil Levins

 By Wil Levins

Applying Term limits is one of the restrictions many voters support as it takes power away from career politicians and gives it back to the People.  However, no one seems to have an answer for how to keep good representatives in office longer while also allowing for term limits on poor politicians.  My solution utilizes the “Will of the People” by looking at the votes cast on Election Day to provide us with a path forward.

When elected to our State’s Assembly, I will introduce legislation that calls for a two-term limit on legislators with an additional 60% Majority Term-Limit Exemption clause to help keep good representatives.  This clause will allow any legislator who was reelected to a second term by 60% or more of the total votes cast to run for a third term.  This clause will apply to the incumbent in every following reelection bid, so if a candidate who received 60% of the vote for the second term gets 60% of the vote when seeking a third term, they may then run for a fourth term and so on.

Setting the bar at 60% makes sense. Restrictions on property tax increases and school board budgets exceeding a 2% cap increase can be overturned with 60% of the vote.  With my proposed legislation, the People of New Jersey will possess the added power of restraining ambitious career politicians while also having the right to reward those who have served the public trust faithfully.  

In liberty,

Wil Levins

5th District Republican Assembly Candidate

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